Apparel that helps shelter animals

About Us

Our Story:

Hello Dog Lovers! Are you ready to help some animal shelters?  My name is Megan and I am the Founder of Hoosier Dog Co. Hoosier Dog Co. is an apparel company based in Chesterton, IN that gives a percentage of its profits to help animal shelters.

When I was a young pup, my first love was my family pooch, Patches. He loved to EAT, FETCH and DREAM about his family!  Like my first dog; I like to EAT a lot of treats. I also like to FETCH goals, such as helping as many animals as I can.  FUR-thermore, I DREAM about the day the shelter cages are empty!

Currently, I am married to my right hound man, Jason, and we are the proud parents of five big dogs and one cat! Besides having a very supportive dog dad in our pack, there is nothing that fills my heart more then helping a dog in need.   "Hoosier Dog Company" is more than just a brand. 10% of the profit of every "Hoosier Dog" apparel  purchase will go directly to helping shelters! 

Our Mission:

Every year there are approximately 1.5 million dogs and cats euthanized. Our goal is to help raise funds through our shirts sales to help spay and neuter animals. We want to help reduce the amount of homeless dogs and cats in shelters by taking preventative  steps to fight the overpopulation of homeless animals. Howl we do this? Hoosier Dog Company will donate 10% of the profit of every purchase to local animal rescues with spay/neuter programs.   

Hoosier Dog Co. hopes to help shelters provide medical care to dogs such as spaying and neutering. Together we hope that we can make some strides towards stopping the overpopulation and euthanization of animals in shelters. 


Our apparel gives back to dogs! We carry a little something for your whole pack. You work your tail off so you mutt as well shop! ENJOY FAST U.S. SHIPPING!

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